Saturday, September 20, 2014


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And now some highlights of a message from Richard Zumbach about our very busy Croton Village Garden Club:

--Here is our latest garden to make Croton Beautiful…..The Croton Landing Flagpole.  Every flagpole should have a garden around it and now the Croton Landing flagpole does,  thanks to Marianne and Molly. It looks great now but it is not done. In the spring additional plantings will be added to complete the garden design. (Click on the photo.)

--Save the date: October 15th on your calendar for our next meeting. It will be our last meeting for the season so it will be a good time to share ideas and stories and plan for next year. (Where: The Croton Library)

--The other important date is Saturday, October 18th,  9 to 12:00… its Daffodil Day in Croton.  Plant some daffodils that morning or pick up the bulbs you would like to plant in a location of your choosing. Last year our effort were great; in the spring lots of daffodils popped up everywhere around the village and put smiles on a lot of faces. Let’s do it again this year and make spring in Croton amazing. Croton will be the Daffodil Village of Westchester County. 

Editor's Note: We'll have more details about the upcoming daffodil planting sponsored by the Croton Conservation Advisory Council soon. In the meantime, check in often at their FB page

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  1. I am truly grateful to all our volunteer organizations but what this also tells me is that without our volunteers there would be very little beautification or maintenance here and if there was, it would all have to be at taxpayer cost. One more reason not to take the Gouveia property but let's face it, it's a done deal. The illegal chicken coop is still there despite assurance from the village that it would have to be taken down or a permit/variance applied for.