Tuesday, September 16, 2014


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To the editor:

This is in response to last week's letter to the Gazette by the Rev. Anthony Stephens regarding the Toughman race.

Perhaps it is good to get his racer's perspective on the Toughman event, but Pastor Stephens is oblivious to the chaos that goes on in his environs when he says that there is a "modicum of inconvenience" to the community.

While few of us would want to face the challenge of running in the race, none of us would want to face the challenge, confusion, and frustration of trying to reach our destination while standing in Croton traffic.

Rev. Stephens says he is proud of the number of outsiders participating in the race, and quotes scripture to "welcome the stranger".  But it is hardly a welcome to the motorists who, having entered the unfamiliar streets of Croton, cannot find their way out of it.

He should consider the more prominent biblical admonition to "Love your neighbor".

Dick Nagle has done a great job documenting the plight of motorists caught in the traffic mess with his pictures and narratives.  Even the well paid policemen directing traffic seem less prepared to handle the traffic than the drivers who they are supposed to be helping.  No one, of course, has the nerve to blow their horns.

But what is most distressing, is that there is no need to have any of this disruption of Croton traffic to run the race!!!

Barriers could be placed in the center southbound lane of the 9/9A bridge separating vehicular traffic from the bikers.

Traffic could then take Rte. 9A south from Peekskill to the bridge and continue on Rte 9 to Ossining.

And if runners and bikers used the northern lane of Croton Point Ave. it would free up the 7 lanes of traffic on the south side:  2 lanes to the Croton RR Station, 3 lanes to Rte 9, and the 2 lanes to the Shop Rite shopping center.

Is there any way to convince the Village and the DOT to stop this needless closing down of the entire western half of Westchester for 8 hours every year??!

Bob Riekert, Ossining

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  1. With the route proposed, where do runners/bikers go in Ossining on Route 9? I am confused... sounds like tje problem of messed up traffic is then expanded to include North Highland Avenue and southwards? If yes, Ossining would need to get on the "gravy train" that is Tough Man (tongue in cheek).

  2. I'm just so TIRED OF BEING INCONVENIENCED, I no longer care where they stick it. As long as it is nowhere in westchester.

  3. I though I'd let everyone know that pro Toughman people are asking why everyone isn't all outraged over Summerfest or the Harry Chapin Run Against Hunger. What craptrap. For one thing, Summerfest does not inconvenience the whole county and the Chapin charity event is in Croton and doesn't inconvenience the whole county as well. Almost ALL the money from the Chapin run really goes go to charity and as for Summerfest, it is a boon to local businesses, instead of a detriment like the Toughman is. People who can't see the difference are just grasping at straws. If they want people to buy into this crap, they can put a letter in the paper defending the Toughman. We haven't seen many of those have we and there's a good reason why.

    1. We were just talking about this the other day and what a pleasure it is not to be inconvenienced by it any more for years now.