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THE FOLLOWING LETTER APPEARED IN THE 8/29/13 EDITION OF THE GAZETTE; it is reprinted here with permission:

To the editor:

In our numerous “letters to the Editor”, the Yacht Club’s only objectives have been to address misinformation being circulated about the club and to educate the public as to the  value the organization has provided to the community for  57 years. We have attempted to explain to our fellow residents, the true value of our existing and proposed lease agreements with the Village which includes an estimated value of the services we provide, as outlined in the new draft lease documents. Some residents continue to focus only on the rental portion of the lease and not the entire lease value estimated at $3.5 million over 30 years.

Recently, several letters to the Gazette and Village Board meeting discussions have again misrepresented facts, withheld facts and presented erroneous assumptions. The Yacht Club respects every citizen’s right to present their opinions on any matter, however with that right comes the responsibility to be truthful and familiar with the facts in presenting their position.

In one recent article a resident and member of the Planning Board continues to assert that a restaurant be built on the Croton Yacht Club clubhouse footprint to generate additional revenue even after a recent Village funded consultant survey determined that the site was the least desirable of three alternatives. In fact, this survey sited the proposed restaurant at the same location selected by two other independent studies conducted in 1997 and 2001.

The same individual asserted that the proposed 125% increase in rent in the new lease was a mere “pittance” based upon his perceived value of the site. He and others make no mention of the value of the lease service obligations, estimated at $2.6 million, to be rendered by the Yacht Club for over 30 years which brings the total lease value approaching $3.5 million. Also not mentioned is the estimated $12 million in economic stimulus to the community resulting from projected property tax payments as well as goods and services purchased in the community over 30 years by the Yacht Club and its boaters.

In another recent editorial, a resident categorizes the draft lease agreement as a “sweetheart deal” between the Village and the Yacht Club. This statement speaks to the individual’s general lack of understanding of the facts and details of the draft lease agreement and by its very wording implies some form of impropriety on the Villages part. The Yacht Club would like to assure the residents that we have negotiated with the Village in good faith on a new lease and have been open and transparent in supplying all financial and background documents requested. We have negotiated a fair agreement to both parties that will benefit the residents in years to come.

Another recent editorial questioned the appropriateness of the insurance clause in the draft lease agreement. The Yacht Club has recently conducted an independent review of its coverage and rating which has determined it to be more than adequately covered. The Yacht Club will provide any and all insurance information requested by the Village and will make any necessary adjustments in the future.

In this same editorial the resident asserts that Village employees are being used to work on “prepping the Yacht Club each season” and references paragraph 7(b) of the draft lease agreement. As a point of clarification, the work being performed by Village employees as referenced in this paragraph is for the Villages mooring fields at Senasqua Park which have nothing to do with the Yacht Club. The Yacht Club would like to reiterate that no Village manpower or Village funds are used to subsidize or support the Yacht Club operations. 

This same individual raises questions about ADA compliance and suggests the Village could be exposed to ADA litigation and mediation costs. The Yacht Club would like to point out that our building was erected in full compliance with Village codes and, to our knowledge, is ADA compliant. The Yacht Club also has designated handicap parking spots which allow access to the promenade around the club house, which was built and paid for by the club for Village resident access to the riverfront. The new bulkhead replacement design calls for a new paved promenade approximately ten feet wide which far exceeds existing accessibility to the riverfront.

The Yacht Club would like to reiterate that we are not a group of “wealthy yacht owners” who are taking advantage of the taxpayers as portrayed by some residents in recent articles. In fact, over 45% of regular members are retired and on fixed incomes, and the average value of the “Yachts” stored at the marina is approximately $13,000 each.

Yacht Club members are residents, taxpayers and also concerned citizens who pool their expertise, talents and labor to provide an affordable opportunity for any fellow resident to enjoy boating and the river. The Yacht Club is an asset to this community whose members have taken a once abandoned property, which was a liability to the Village, and turned it into a valuable community asset at no cost to the taxpayers.

The Yacht Club does not wish to engage in combative discussions with fellow residents and we refuse to negotiate our lease agreement in the press. However, we will continue our diligence in addressing misinformation, and we hope the information we provide to the taxpayers is useful in explaining our current relationship with the village which hopefully supports our relationship into the future. 

Respectfully Submitted
Dennis Kooney, Director
Croton Yacht Club, Inc. 



  1. That same planning member said that the metro enviro site was also worth up to 50 million and we all know what number it really came in. That guy's got no credibility.


    Why is that?

    Long live the yacht club.

  3. I won't speculate on why no one ever talks about the sailing school lease rate but I am sick and tired of the constant need to correct misinformation about the contributions of the yacht club. Maybe if they changed their name to the Croton BOAT club people would understand that it isn't a bunch of elites. The elites actually sit on the village board instead.