Friday, September 27, 2013


Finding vintage Christmas blow molds is getting harder and harder these days--so when we stumbled upon 6 at a local tag sale, we were in heaven. To the right, with very minimal paint loss is a vintage Union Products mold, probably late 70's? It was FILTHY. Click on the photo. The others are in desperate need of TLC and paint--we'll be using a lot of masking tape and Krylon Spray Paint for plastics to make the very careful restoration.

We love this KRYLON product - A WORD OF WARNING THOUGH -  For hard vinyl only--if used for soft pvc/vinyls, it reacts with the plasticizers in the soft pvc/vinyl and will never dry. You can find it just about everywhere.

That reminded us about the Holy Grail of Vintage BlowMold sites--always worth a look at again

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and don't forget the fantastic mantles of Antoinette Stockenberg

Of course, FAMILY CHRISTMAS ONLINE is THE PLACE for inspiration, retro, vintage, antique and old Christmas ideas, music, and more

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  1. I was just looking at Antoinette's site Tuesday, wondering why she doesn't have her 2013 mantle set up yet. Then I remembered, it's SEPTEMBER! Only publishers (like me) and OCD people have to have all of their Christmas "ducks in a row" by September 30. :-) Sorry Antoinette, I can wait until November, if I HAVE to. :-)