Wednesday, January 9, 2013


--What you're looking at below is not a Woolworth's store display but a fabulous Christmas view from our friend FunOldNewNina--whose collectible and vintage toys are right at home with the vintage tree. In fact, we've noticed a trend among vintage Christmas collectors to surround their trees with vintage and antique toys--and we like it. Enjoy! Click on the photos below.

--And check this out--Linemar Roll Royce--Back on Dec 18, 2012 Toys & Stuff looked at the companion to today's car, the Linemar Cadillac Convertible. The Cadillac and the Rolls Royce were two of the quintessential luxus autos of the 1930s and Linemar did a nice job of capturing their 'elan in these two toys. Both were actually produced by Linemar in the 1950s and both were available as separate sale or as part of the Marx Untouchables playset. READ MORE HERE:

--And check it out: the fully-restored vintage Nativity from our friend ItaliaIrish

--Bayberry Cove has added to their clearance sale: 

--and even more great stuff from readers: 

a) GRANDFATHER ENNIS’ CHRISTMAS VILLAGE 1967, German belsnickles, putz houses, etc.; a very nice time capsule; click on the link, scroll down the page
b) Another source for C7 lights, courtesy of Lynn - she says: you purchase the strings and light bulbs separately--they even have the harder to find yellow bulbs
c) And for the ornaments--check out the Halloween ornaments too 

--1865 baseball card to be auctioned


  1. Thank you so much for the C7 light source. I use yellow bulbs on the back of the house and need more. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for posting this and the wonderful information on your blog.