Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Vintage inspired by
For those who don't know, not all vintage or antique "putz" a.k.a. cardboard Christmas houses were made in Japan or Germany; some were produced in the former Czechoslovakia. To the right is a vintage inspired interpretation of a Czech church by Howard Lamey of

Next up is a shot of Linda's Czech Christmas village--featuring Howard's interpretation--it's 10 X 10 by the way--and is in memory of the late Papated...these Czech houses are three dimensional on a flat board.  Click on the photos...Linda promised us more--featuring the actual vintage houses.

Moving along, we couldn't resist mentioning that the little wooden animated village with circling train that Carol Ann wanted to buy but didn't is now almost 50% off! Make sure you click on the video thumbnail to see it in action

Blumchen's old fashioned heart shaped candy boxes are now 25% off

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  1. My sister collects Christmas music boxes and that price is nice. Thanks. This will probable be the only time I will ever be able to afford anything at Gump's. They are expensive but they do have some nice things.