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Today we told you about a fab new Croton site we found called The Greater Croton Song Book. The press release is pasted below.

But we also can't resist resist mentioning that they have a shot of Woody Guthrie and Alan Lomax posted and mention Floyd Dell's house as well! Click on the link:

And for those who want to know more about Floyd Dell, Croton's own Robert Scott has written the definitive article here: 

You may also have an interest in the opening reception photos for The Croton Historical Society's current exhibit THE MASSES:

PRESS RELEASE - A Songbook Grows in Croton

Croton-on-Hudson, NY--Croton has the Black Cow, the Blue Pig and now, The (Greater) Croton Songbook--its very own online music collection!
Producers Fabiana Chiu and David Rinaldi claim that Croton has more musicians per square mile than any other community in Westchester. “The idea came from getting together and creating songs with our neighbors,” said guitarist/composer David Rinaldi. “We quickly recognized that the greater Croton area has been an inspiration to musicians for decades, from Pete Seeger to country star Tamra Rosanes.”
“We moved here almost a decade ago and it seems everywhere we turn, there are musicians - from students of music to amateurs, professionals and everything in between. It’s a perfect ecosystem!” said Chiu, a former arts festival producer.
So far, five new original songs have been added to the growing online audio collection which can be heard on They include songs about commuting and Croton’s artistic heritage.
Rob Morseberger’s The Wild Wind is reflective of Croton’s rich artistic past, and Andrew Karp’s The Croton Cannonball is a swingin’ ode to Croton’s commuting workforce. David Rinaldi’s I Wanna go to the Croton Dam was written for the “junior set” and has been performed at area elementary schools. Be sure to click on the bios to learn more about these dedicated Croton musicians. Also, click on the lyrics where you will find lessons in history, and facts about Croton put to music.
“The community response has been fantastic,” said Chiu. “Friends of Croton History have contributed ideas about historic musical figures and songs in Croton. Former Croton residents have also been contributing their ideas.”
What’s next for the collection? “We would like to add more songs and once we hit 10 or 12, we hope to be able to perform the songs live” said Rinaldi. “Like most things in Croton, we would love to see this project grow organically. We have conceived this to be a community based project. If you have, or know, a song inspired by Croton, please don’t be shy and contact The (Greater) Croton Songbook through our online fan page.”
The Songbook has a dedicated Facebook fan page ( which can be accessed without a Facebook account. In it, one can see a variety of posts and comments on Croton’s music scene from yesterday and today, including a music video of a 1967 Battle of the Bands in Croton, a veritable time capsule. Other frequent contributors include singer-songwriter Tim Robinson and drummer-illustrator Rob Shepperson.
“This is a collection for and by our community, a collection for our families and kids to enjoy for generations to come, all in one easy to find and accessible platform,” said Andrew Karp, whose song, The Croton Cannonball, is part of the project.
To listen to the growing collection for free, go to click on the HEAR THE SONGS HERE tab. Downloads are available through a modest donation.
Do you love Croton?  
Have a song about or inspired by this awesome place? 
Then share with us! And watch the (Greater) Croton Songbook organically grow! 
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  1. I'm a conservative but I do like history and I love Croton! Thanks for finding this. This becoming my go to site for everything Croton, :-)

  2. Liked the music, not crazy about the politics