Friday, January 4, 2013


We were delighted to see that our own FAMILY CHRISTMAS ONLINE got a mention in a recent article on Christmas trees and trains! Click on the link! 

We've really gotten bitten by the house shaped cookie tin bug when we saw all the BIG LOTS tins collected at Ed Berg's site; so when we came across this at a local thrift shop for a song we had to snap it up. It's not vintage but we love it!  Click on the photo. See all the BIG LOTS TINS courtesy of Ed Berg, here--just keep scrolling down the page once you get there: 

Reader Lynn reminded us about how much great Christmas stuff is at Victoriana magazine--including putz! Shown in the picture at the link below are vintage Dolly houses: 

Putz artisan Howard Lamey of sent us this really interesting link with lots of patterns and more 

Pete Oehmen's vintage putz house reference guide is a work in progress; click on the link, scroll down the page to see Lynn's posting about how you can acquire assorted chapters 

And for our new readers who've asked again: All the putz house patterns/templates you'll ever need: 

Oehmen's Coconut: Pete Oehmen has discovered the secret of coconut--and has mullions by the millions: read and see more here

Well it's finally happened: no more prizes in Crackerjack boxes any more--liability/choking hazard reasons--in fact, they don't even put the product in boxes any more but are instead using bags. Sacrilege! 

A fabulous quintessential 1950's Christmas sign 

BULLWINKLE, ROCKY AND MORE - a fantastic scan of a 1960's article


  1. Regarding Crackerjacks, I used to love getting those prizes. One year a baking soda submarine comes most immediately to mind. You have to wonder how we all got through childhood with so many "dangerous" things around.It's like we've become a nation of namby-bambies.

  2. hilarious and SO true!! danger luring everywhere lol.