Wednesday, January 16, 2013


--Love this 1933 Butterfinger ad; it's hard to imagine anything being a nickel these days..OR a penny--click on the photo.

--The jury's still out for us on the putz houses known as "haciendas" -- sometimes we like them, sometimes we don't--but some folks can't get enough of them; we've posted a few over at 

--We've found an interesting site: Jacqueline Wagner, features objects made out of paper, foamboard, whatever. Here's the how to for a "caravan"--now can't you imagine this as a putz being pulled by a little old fashioned car; we can! Instructions here: 

Oh and a charming paper owl; very retro 1960's

--Well for most of us, the vintage Christmas is packed away, including those wonderful cardboard house putz villages we all love. But you know vintage Christmas collectors--we're already thinking about what we'll do differently in 2013!  For example a friend is already planning the effect of a tree with village surrounded by retro dolls and toys to complete the're on the hunt for retro toy repros: 

Check this out, a 1930's retro ride tin carousel or how about tiddlywinks or a tin bi-plane or...what the heck just go to Mr. Nostalgia

Now if you're a purist and have to have the REAL thing, there's always the upcoming Serioustoyz auction; you can see a preview here - the auction's been delayed (we heard it was the flu)

By the way, the Mr. Nostalgia site also has old new stock from Radko's Shiny Brite collection, including their putz houses...and some from Bethany Lowe

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  1. Thanks for the paper owl downloads. Perfect for a party I am planning.