Thursday, January 17, 2013


We received a very interesting note from a reader today--and yes: we knew just what to do... 

“A reader asks: I live in a coastal New England tourist town that gets snow and hard winters and would like my Christmas putz village to reflect these surroundings. Any patterns or putz available for those of us who would want to include more “beachy” houses sprinkled with snow? I’ve already made a lighthouse and a sandy/snowy platform with faux ocean and an icy shore. Now all I need is the town. I don't mind buying new houses and would like some options, but I'd also love some DIY patterns. Can you help?” 

Well Martha, you are in luck. Check out Building Sea Side Storefronts by Howard Lamey and Paul Race for BIGINDOORTRAINS.COM. (They have a faux vintage tinplate look but we think you'll find some inspiration there.) Click on the link: 

And as for "seaside putz", boy have we some options for you, courtesy of putz artisan Howard Lamey of  Doubtless you'll also be more inspired when you get there. Click on the link but FIRST, click on the photos below. And the last "seaside" scene shown for even more inspiration comes from the amazing vintage made in Japan putz mantles of Antoinette Stockenberg--this one is from her 2008 mantle. See all of Antoinette's Christmas putz mantles here: 

And for DIY putz cardboard house templates and patterns, here's the motherlode of links, courtesy of CardboardChristmas.Com -

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  1. You know I think I could actually handle making that lighthouse with or without a pattern. That is a very clever idea to use a battery tealight.

  2. These are so cool. Thank you.