Friday, June 8, 2018


As many of you know, the village is holding an "Affordable Housing" (a.k.a. Low income) community "discussion" on June 13th. The "facilitators" from Pace University Land Use (who will "moderate the discussion") are also being paid $1,500 (the board voted on the resolution for payment not long ago).  Residents with concerns should attend the meeting.  More info here:


  1. Do you know if they will be prepared to answer questions about tax breaks this housing gets????

  2. To be clear: this Center is a part of Pace Law School, and there is a specific political policy slant to the Center.

    I don't have a problem with that, and I agree with many of their positions. But it is hardly a neutral third party and that is important in a dynamic such as this specific format which exerts peer pressure to agree with the majority group viewpoint.

    It is not clear whether the "facilitators" will be Pace students or faculty.

    1. At fifteen hundred dollars one would hope they are grown-ups. Hey how about the Gouveia house. Tear it down. Make a great place for housing, near a park and bus stop.

    2. Near two "parks" actually, and very close to shopping and bus stops all over, including Foodtown. The folks in the golf course houses might object though.

  3. It would be very difficult to develop Gouveia, especially if it violated the terms of the bequest.

    As a practical matter, Croton taxpayers were stuck with this albatross in perpetuity the moment the "gift" was accepted.

    Croton had the cautionary tale of Gouveia's deal with Ossining, but Laurel Gouveia had political allies on the Board and that is all that mattered.

  4. This is just a sham event. Look at the invite list. Croton's housing needs should be discussed by Croton, not people with clear agendas.