Sunday, June 3, 2018


Dear Friends: In recent months, some of you have asked me why Croton United is not running candidates this year. There are several reasons. Croton United has always focused on local issues, not national ones. In our current national and local political climate, such a local focus is a disadvantage when running a campaign. Diversity of viewpoints is vital to our democracy, and I believe that Village matters are best resolved when there is robust input. The current trend in our nation to divide into two separate groups is not good for our democracy. 

Having run for office, I know that it is a team effort. A campaign involves a large number of volunteers, especially in the case of a non-partisan campaign. Croton United is not affiliated with any state or national party, and so we are entirely dependent on local residents to do all the work involved in running a contested election campaign, as well as securing funding through donations. Croton United has continued to act as a non-partisan coalition of neighbors, and I continue to appreciate all of you working together in this effort. Speaking out in online forums, writing Gazette letters, serving on village committees, and contacting our elected officials in Albany and Washington is important for the health of our democracy.

Civic involvement is more than politics. It is an ongoing process that needs support from all of us. Many of our local community organizations suffer from lack of volunteers. READ MORE AT


  1. More than lawn signs, tweets, and protests. Endless endless protests.

  2. As recently as a few years ago, you could still find volunteers in the village, but now it's all different. Too much emphasis on hashtagresist. There's more to helping the world and Croton than that.