Sunday, May 24, 2015


You've heard me talk about the Peekskill Attic Treasures Flea Market before. It's held on Sundays from about 9 or so till--whenever--and is right up the block from La Perla Oriente Bakery. It's not an elegant market by any means and perhaps that's why you can generally find really interesting things there if you are willing to look...

Well today was an absolute banner day for everyone! 

Found some wonderful circa WWI German postcards (can anyone translate for me)--and this fabulous vintage board game for a steal--as in four dollars and complete (perfect birthday gift for a collecting friend).   
The Kreskin game is circa 1966. Click on the photos and enjoy!

Interesting link for ranch style putz house patterns:

Got a newsletter today from Meyer Imports; their website has changed; and I really want to encourage you to look at their German miniatures--lots of little people, animals, etc., some vintage, for putz villages and or model railroad layouts.

There's some really neat little things here:

But particularly love the metal gnome homes/smokers. Fab graphics.

American Dimestore Milk Truck--outstanding

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and...ABBA!

And oldie but goodie: PUTZ GALLERIES

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day at the flea market! Nice finds! (Rob)