Monday, May 18, 2015


UPDATE: THE SIDECAR CLOSED IN APRIL 2017; the site is now an office.

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We're delighted to bring you this photo of 39 N. Riverside Avenue--now home to The Sidecar--but back then the local barber shop. It comes from Theodore Simone (brother to Thomas Simone of Croton Historical Society fame!) He was in Croton last week, popped into The Sidecar and....

"The food was excellent, the decor was wonderfully eclectic and the service couldn't have been friendlier. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have a long chat with Lynn, the proprietor. The cafe is on the site of what once was my paternal grandfather's barbershop from 1920 until his death in 1941. (It remained in business until the fifties by his partner and brother, Frank.) Though I have no memories of the time when it was open and we were not allowed to go into the vacant store when visiting my grandmother who lived above, I did manage to sneak in a couple times in my childhood to explore. Being able to enjoy a meal in the very place my grandfather Antonio once stood cutting hair was not the kind of experience I encounter daily. I gave Lynn this picture of the shop which she said she would frame and hang in her store. I would encourage you to stop by and enjoy the atmosphere and the food anytime. (I was happy to see that some of the beadboard is even original to the barbershop!)"

A sweet little story--and a bit of Croton history uncovered--click on the photos.

And as for The Sidecar, it closed in April 2017 (updated)

And stay tuned for info on what Croton was like before the highway destroyed much of its North Riverside ave. business district and more in the 1960's--and the name of "urban renewal"--the upcoming Croton Historical Society exhibit. 


  1. A lesson to be learned about planners. One could say that there were things that needed to go there but there was a lot more that should have stayed. These were your genesis of "Cpld Spring" buildings and the village has been desperately trying to recreate what was lost all over Croton ever since. Remember when the new Croton was going to be the Upper Village? Then the Upper Village should become all office space according to a former mayor. Then North Riverside would be rezoned for mixed use housing and people would come for miles to see and live in all the new housing and patronize block after block of new businesses while ambling along the waterfront. Then we went to Harmon. An endless chase your tail and dream scenario that has been repeated here over and over again since the 60's and by most of the same people over and over again!

    1. Thank God for the business and property owners who have made the block very special with places like 3rd Universe, the new groomer, the Tavern, Sidecar etc. One of the new people said they pay no attention to official "advice".

      Please tell the Simones how much everyone on the block appreciated seeing this photo this morning.

    2. And thank God no one in the Upper village took that guy's advice. It's thriving now without any official advice although the missing trees and the broken up new sidewalks for the telephone pole replacement was a real waste of money.

    3. Yeah it's true. Oh well. In the meantime we enjoy the Tavern and the Sidecar very much. We get to unwind there very now and then and let the kids play at Third Universe.

      That's a really great photo. Do we know who the kid is reading the newspaper?

  2. WAS SORRY TO SEE THE SIDECAR HAD CLOSED on my return trip to see family at Thanksgiving. Croton people sure want a lot then don't support those businesses I have been told.