Thursday, May 7, 2015


We've got a lot to share!  (Click on the photos and links).  To the right, some very popular Christmas music from 1963--haven't thought of Nancy Wilson in years! From one of our vintage magazine finds at the Peekskill Attic treasures Flea market.

It's followed by one of our favorite singers and a regular on the JACKIE GLEASON SHOW: Crazy Guggenheim a.k.a. Frank Fontaine--also 1963. This character would be considered so politically incorrect today...but you had to admit, Fontaine had a voice like an angel. Speaking of Jackie Gleason, did you know that he lived nearby? And was a frequent visitor to Mary's/Honey. Read more at

And finally, a wonderful Christmas postcard featuring Romy Schneider and Horst Bucholz (of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN fame)--from a site that is fast becoming one of our favorites: EUROPEAN FILM STAR POSTCARDS.

For those who don't remember, Horst Bucholz also played opposite James Cagney in ONE TWO THREE. A very funny movie and one which should go on your "must-see" list.

Check out their 2014 Merry Christmas post below. 

Click on the link! 

If you'd like to see examples of holiday lighting, circa 1920-1930--or have questions--we have the place for you

A wonderful image of Santa's workshop by the late George Hinke

One of our readers would like to try her hand at making a vintage-inspired made in Japan putz house type known as the "hacienda". Here's a flickr set for inspiration--with a few old and new ones--as well as shop/store putz examples: click here.

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  1. Horst was also great in Fanny with Leslie Caron. This is another movie that you should see if you haven't. Maurice Chevalier was excellent too, as was Charles Boyer.

  2. Thanks for including European Film Star Postcards!