Tuesday, April 15, 2014


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Letter to the Editor:

Congratulations to the Mayor and Mr. Zambrano for coming up with a calendar of events for the Mayor that makes his position a full time one.  Isn't it interesting that his calendar of events came out to exactly the right amount of hours where it would give him full-time status and under Obamacare entitle him to Medical Insurance at a cost tothe taxpayers of Croton of approximately $21,000 for the Mayor and his spouse.

In addition, he is receiving dental benefits at approximately $2100 (which also includes his spouse) as I am sure they will give him the Cadillac plan that non-union employees get.  On top of that, he is getting life insurance (if this is in line with our other  employees that would be for $50,000 at a cost of $90) and the Village will be paying retirement benefits for him into the New York State Retirement System. According to the Analysis, that would be $1,015 towards retirement this year.  The costs for the medical and dental were redacted on the Analysis, but these figures I gave you are in line with last years.  The figures for these two items have never, I repeat never been redacted before. I checked budgets going back to 2003.   They claim privacy.  If they don't want to put the cost next to each name, then have a footnote saying family medical costs this, and individual costs that, and the same for the dental.  That would solve their so-called privacy problem.

Keep in mind that in addition to all these benefits, he still gets his $5000 stipend, his expenses paid to any function he attends as a Village of Croton representative, conference registration fees, hotel expenses, gas, and meals, etc. etc.

The Village has been paying into the Retirement System for the Mayor and other part-time employees for years even though they are not entitled to it.  By law, the Village must inform all part-time employees that they are entitled to join the Retirement system but they must pay all costs themselves.  I have a rather lengthy statement regarding same that I will try to get published in next weeks Gazette.

Our Mayor is not in agreement that he should not be receiving Medical  insurance for his position as a part-time Mayor. The residents of Croton voted him in as a part-time Mayor.  Everything you read about the history of our Village says the Mayor's position is part- time.   He knew that he would be receiving a stipend of $5,000 and he knew exactlywhat his position would entail. Hello Mayor Weigman, you are part-time like it or not. 

Please keep in mind that he also has his own business.  If no one points those out to you in this issue, I will make note of that next week.  I'm sure he doesn't keep a clock next to him and mark down the length of every call and whether it was his private business or Village business. Also, how does anyone know the phone number to call him.  Does the Village supply him with a phone in his office where he conducts his personal business?  A company I worked for at one time brought in an "efficiency" expert.  Everyone was to keep track of how much time it took to do this or that.  After two (2) days I went to my boss and said, "Do you want me to do my work, or do you want me to waste time  filling out those stupid forms?  Goodbye "efficiency" expert.  

I can only assume that the Mayor was paying for his own medical, dental and whatever else he had.  Now we are paying for these things while he is conducting both businesses, his own and the Village at the same time.

Come on Mayor Wiegman.  You know you are only Part-time.  Step up and do the right thing.

What or Who is  next? Let me see.........You Got It!

Virginia Calcutti


  1. I think it's also important to point out that if they manage to bring down the village tax increase to below the tax cap it will only be because you are paying somewhere else to get the number there because you are now paying 13% more for sewer and water.

    1. This is a family plan he's getting not just for his wife.

  2. Got a nice new smile I see.

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