Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sadly, it appears that Croton Hardware is closing. The doors were locked; merchandise is being packed up, and there's a large for rent sign on the property. They do appear to be periodically open, cash only, per customers. We've said it once; we'll say it again. If you don't support your small businesses...


  1. Heartbroken. Truly a great and CONVENIENT store. As usual, now we go to Ossining for keys, mousetraps, rope, paintbrushes, etc., etc., etc. You are so right: If people don't spend their money, the place will close.

  2. I knew things were bad a year ago or longer so my wife and I made it a point of getting whatever we could in there even if the one in Buchanan was a little cheaper. Mixed use, and that is exactly what this building is, is no guarantee of success when you live in a community that has been guilty of ignoring regular businesses like this.

    1. Not only businesses like this but the "international cafes" they so long for as well. Look at Tapas, written up everywhere as being great, I can tell you not one of the more vocal "we want international" complainers ever set foot in the place. I made it a point to know.

  3. A really sweet guy. Damn shame. For him, for us.