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UPDATED APRIL GAZETTE ARTICLE HERE RE: BENEFITS "FLAK", HIGHLIGHTS ONLY http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2014/04/the-gazette-42414-croton-budget-flak.html

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As many of you know, residents were once again forced to submit a freedom of information request for the administrative fringe benefits/payroll analysis PORTION OF THE VILLAGE BUDGET, as had been the case last year and many years before that. This year, however, the portion for medical and dental costs for the administrative staff had been redacted, blacked out. This had never been done before.

Also added for the first time was a line for the mayor. Both the village manager/mayor assert that Mayor Wiegman works more than 30 hours a week; he includes his "travel time" in that number. As such, under the Affordable Care Act, he is now entitled to medical and dental insurance. This will cost the taxpayer approximately $20,000 a year. We do not know the exact amount because it too has been blacked out.

You can read and see more about that here: http://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2014/04/fringe-benefit-etc-analysis-obtained-by.html

The mayor has stated in multiple forums, including his own LINKED-IN page, that he is a part-time mayor (to cite just one of many examples). He is also shown as president of his own company, Croton Energy. He is also a founder of EtotheFourth http://www.etothefourth.com/E_to_the_fourth/about.html. The village website also states:  

The Village Board is comprised of the mayor and four trustees. The Board sets policy, approves the budget, adopts local laws and appoints the Village Manager to implement policies and supervise administration of local affairs. Each member serves two-year terms in a part-time capacity.

-Resident Joel Gingold asked the mayor flat out to return this money; the mayor defiantly said absolutely not.
-Water and sewer rates are going up 13%.
-The village board is proceeding with the "Gouveia gift" despite overwhelming opposition. Loss to taxpayer in annual VILLAGE taxes: approx. 14K. Loss to school district annually: approx. $25K. When pointed out by resident Roseanne Schuyler that the planned "executive session" was not permitted under open government rules for various reasons, the board reluctantly changed it to an "advice of counsel" session instead. Had this not been questioned, the board would have gone into an "improper" executive session under the Committee on Open Government guidelines.
-The mayor said while he is a "part-time" mayor he is a part-time mayor that puts in 30+ hours. His "travel time" is included in this number. He also includes his telephone calls and emails.
-Volunteer fireman William Vlad asked if the fire dept. volunteers were also eligible since they work more than 30 hours a week; the answer was no because they are volunteers. 
-Former trustee Daubney also asked the mayor to return the money; the answer was no. Mr. Daubney also made a number of other important points.
-Another resident stated that village employees have a set number of hours they must work under their contract. To the extent that any village trustee comes forward and says they work more than 30 plus hours, they will have to get coverage as well. This is a matter of their own "choice" however. This same resident pointed out that there is a cap under the village code for how much compensation the mayor and trustees get.  By giving this coverage to the mayor, this is in conflict with the village's own code.

There's much more; as soon as the webcast is put online, the link will be posted here. Bookmark this posting for updates. UPDATED: THE VILLAGE WEBSITE INDICATES THAT THIS MEETING WILL NOT BE PUT ONLINE UNTIL THURSDAY 4/10/14. We have several copies for pick-up available now, first come, first served. The meeting should also be replayed at 8 pm on Wednesday Channel 78 but who knows.

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THE MEETING ON THE BUDGET  http://webcasting.granicus.com/croton/player.php?clientname=Croton&eventname=-budget&eventdate=04.07.2014
THE REGULAR MEETING http://webcasting.granicus.com/croton/player.php?clientname=Croton&eventname=-board&eventdate=04.07.2014


  1. The village website says this meeting will not be available until 4/10 Thursday. Why? Doesn't The Gazette come out on Thursdays? Hmmm http://www.crotononhudson-ny.gov/Public_Documents/CrotonHudsonNY_TrustMin/2014/index-2014

  2. Not only did the mayor use his travel time as part of his 30 hours,he used his phone time or e mail time as part of this time. A pretty far reach . Aren,t calls from residents and traveling to the meetings not really "work time" ?

  3. I don't know about everyone else, but at my workplace and the workplaces of my friends and family, travel time, phone calls, and emails are just PART OF THE JOB. They're not something extra and don't count toward overtime. Boy...to think that answering a couple of emails could have cost Croton residents $20,000...

  4. Something is very wrong here.....seems to me the mayor now wants to be paid. It is almost impossible for him to claim he works 60 to 70 hours a week at his place of employment, and yet works 30 plus hours for the village???? Something is not adding up.

  5. So they tried to hide it first by redacting and when that didnt work, then he refuses to give it up. Watch this meeting. Watch this board's attitude to the public. Most of all watch the mayor.

  6. So Mayor Weigman effectively gave himself a 400% raise? I don't think he is worth the $5,000 he gets per year, let alone paying his medical and dental for an additional $20,000. HE MUST GO!!

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