Thursday, October 31, 2013


Right up there with the lunch counter at Woolworth's, Howard Jonhson's was the place for a reasonably priced and tasty family meal. 

Click on the photo to see a 1955 ad--with all the bells and whistles--cars, fashion and 50's pink and turquoise! Love the hat she's wearing!

Lynn's Halloween putz house village; click on the link and keep scrolling down the page--lots of neat photos and more

And if you like the little figures at the link above, check out this link--and Halloween trains too

A Tribute to Ted Althof on the one year anniversary of his death:

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  1. Re: A Friend's Passing
    At church our pastor is doing a series on basic truths of the faith. Sunday's topic was "death." Before his sermon he asked everyone in the congregation to pray that the Lord make them conscious of their mortality. I thought, "I'm 61 years old - I confront my mortality every time I put my aching feet on the floor in the morning. Who needs a prayer for that?" I didn't say it out loud of course. :-)

    What's more important is to remember that we may not always have our friends and family and to be gracious while we do.