Saturday, October 12, 2013


Everything Croton can't recommend FAMILY CHRISTMAS ONLINE enough-- the latest installment, THOUGHTS ABOUT HALLOWEEN, follows below:

Every year about this time, I find myself dwelling on certain memories and questions regarding this much-maligned and often-abused holiday. Like my opinions on Christmas, I'm hesitant to judge other people for the way they choose to celebrate (or not to celebrate), as long as they exercise good judgment, moral sense, and charity towards those who approach the holiday differently. But some of my friends occasionally ask me how, as a Christian, I can use the word "Halloween" in a sentence without spitting on the ground or crossing myself or something afterwards. And others have trouble believing that I'm not fascinated by the macabre or occult like they are (a phase I outgrew by the time I was thirteen). 

This is not an article as much as it is a general discussion of the parts of the season that I have enjoyed and of the reasons I don't get "bent out of shape" this time of year at seeing folks trying to have fun doing things I don't personally enjoy. So if you're looking for someone to take your side in an argument about Halloween, you should probably look elsewhere. If you don't mind other people reminiscing about how Halloween affected their childhood and their children's childhoods, read on. Click on the link



  2. Croton is one of the few places that still does Halloween when we don't have storms at least. My wife and I easily go through thirty dollars worth of candy every year. We prefer home-made costumes to store bought ones. Last year a little boy showed up as a TV set with I LOVE LUCY pasted on the front. His sister came as a "gypsy princess" dress made out of old scarves. Another boy came as an Emmet Kelly kind of clown. I realize that parents are busy these days but the joy of parents who made these costumes was very real.