Friday, October 11, 2013


As many of you know, the public was treated quite badly during citizen participation at the board meeting of 10/7/13. You can watch the meeting for yourself here:

In the meantime, one incident was particularly offensive. Citizen Dan Chesnard, a reasoned critic of the Gouveia Property Deal, has a letter in the 10/10/13 edition of The Gazette regarding that incident. It is re-printed bellow with permission.

Once again, you are urged to stand up, speak up, write a letter, or attend a meeting if you are opposed to the Gouveia Property Deal. Mr. Chesnard's letter follows: 

To The Editor,

This letter is also being sent to Mayor Wiegman, Trustee Gallelli, and Trustee Murtaugh.

At last might's village board meeting there were several outbursts by board members against some of the residents trying to address village issues.

Some people are not good public speakers, and get nervous speaking in front of groups. That's why many people won't address the board. I admit, I for one get nervous speaking in front of groups.

When I mispronounced Mrs. Gouveia's name and not in a demeaning way, I was attacked by Trustee Murtaugh in a demeaning way, purposely pronouncing my name in a childish way.  This is in poor taste especially by a member of the village board.

Dan Chesnard

Croton on Hudson

PS I was impressed that Trustee Kevin Davis reiterated his campaign stance on the Gouveia gift.


  1. It sounded like he called Mr. Chesnard "CHES-NERD".

    Nice. Mature. Joel Gingold had it right in his letter to Croton's Royalty

  2. Sad but true. Keep up the good work Dan. Leem

  3. Appalling behavior on the part of the board that night but that's par for the course. I was reminded constantly of Leona Helmsley: only the little people pay taxes. When the board takes Gouveia, that will certainly be true in Croton.