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The following letter from Susan Yates appeared in the 7/18-7/24/13 edition of THE GAZETTE and like all the Gouveia letters on Everything Croton, is printed here with permission.

To the editor:

This whole situation with Mrs. Gouveia is becoming ridiculous. In my entire 40 years in Croton, I've never see a Village Board that appears more gutless than the present one.

The owner should have been informed of the violations on the property and instructed to remove them in accordance with the Village Code in 2011, or when they first became common knowledge.  If memory serves, all of the outbuildings were constructed without benefit of building permits, and the use of a trailer in residential districts is, and always has been, prohibited by the zoning law. To continue to appear to "negotiate" with a known violator seems ill-advised, at best.

Further, many members of the public have made it known to the board that we have no need for the Gouveia property. If the owner is so desperate for a tax write-off that she will offer us a million dollars to take it, she must be desperate indeed. That however, is not our problem.

For once and for all, I urge the board to stop diddling about, show a little gumption, stop wasting time, and issue a definite "No" to this woman.

Susan Yates

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  1. A few weeks ago the village made a big deal about holding a small modest home owner to the the village code because he had a messy backyard. It was in the gazette. Yet somehow they missed the Gouveia property with its multiple non permitted big buildings and trailer. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    1. I remember this. One would almost think there are different rules for different people.