Saturday, July 6, 2013


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We are delighted to tell you about an article that recently appeared in BOATING ON THE HUDSON featuring Croton's own Dennis Kooney:

LESSONS ON THE HUDSON by Dennis Kooney (Grandfather) -This is the story of Colin’s second striped bass caught on the Hudson River. In previously documenting Colin’s first striper caught last year, he asked me if I was going to write a story about this fish. This is that story, which is more of a lesson and an experience that we both will not forget.  READ MORE HERE

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  1. We didn't have a boat but fishing for flounder with my grandfather taught me a lot about life. that you don't always win but have to try, that patience is important, and that sometimes the best plans can be undone by a sudden storm that won't be so bad if you are ready for it. Great life lessons and a very nice story. Thank you for sharing it.