Friday, July 12, 2013


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As you may know, the village board continues their pursuit of the Gouveia property and refused to answer any questions at the meeting of July 8th. You can read highlights from the Gazette article and Virginia Calcutti's letter on this here: 

Also see below, a letter to the Gazette from Dan Chesnard. Mr. Chesnard read this into the record at the village board meeting. We apologize for the formatting issues. As an official has maintained that residents could use the parking area at the Brinton Brook sanctuary to alleviate parking concerns for the Gouveia property (see item #7 below), a copy has also been sent to Saw Mill River Auduon/Brinton Brook as we are certain they have not been informed that this is under consideration.


Gouveia Property/Dan Chesnard

1. How will the property be used, i.e. for concerts and cultural events and a park?

2. A parking lot will have to be made and a wider road in and out will have to be also made. This will come at what expense to the village, $100,000.00 more or less?

3. It will have to be fenced in for safety all along route 9, at what expense $100 or 200,000.00? And will NY State mandate what kind of fence?

4. Then there are park facilities that need to be constructed, i.e. restrooms, utility sheds?

5. Plus will the village have to hire additional security to police the property such as we now have to for Senesqua and Croton Landing?

6. There are no sidewalks along Albany Post Road at the location in either direction, north or south side. So how will people get there unless they drive? Now there is no place to park. If you have a concert or some kind of event, where will everyone park? Old Albany Post Road will be backed up in both directions with cars trying to exit and enter the narrow driveway there now. Old Albany Post Road is a state road who will police it, and at what expense to the village?

7. A member of the Village Board said that there is parking at Brinton Brook Sanctuary but this is for only a few cars maybe 8. Which a few people will only use, again for a few, i.e. skate park, bike lanes?

8. Can you open an access road to a Village Park from a State road without approval? What will NYS mandate as to size and traffic signs or lights? The state mandated what has to be done on Croton Point Avenue; will the same happen here?

9. Right now our parks are not used to the fullest extent, Black Rock, Mayo’s Landing is just a couple, that need policing and are a cost to the village.

10. A very big factor in this acquisition is the lost of tax revenue, approximately $50,000.00, which if Mrs. Gouveia lives there for 20 years is almost 1 million dollars. So the 1 million dollars she is also donating for the maintenance will be a wash and not help towards tax income.

11. In the past I have submitted a list of approx. 75 residents who do not want the acquisition to take place, and remove this property from the tax rolls. There is no such list in favor of this acquisition.

12. Next, is the village setting a precedence that other resident of our village can donate their property and live on it tax-free until they move or vacate it? Wow! What a wonderful tax write off.

13. Could someone sue the village if denied the same opportunity to donate their property?

14. The residents of the village at the November elections should vote on this property acquisition.

15. Let’s be happy with the parks we now have, and use them to the fullest!

16. We also have access to all of Cortlandts facilities, i.e. pools, golf courses, concerts. Why do we need more?


  1. Thank you for putting this online but they don't care. This is a done deal much like giving Metro the permit back in the 90's was.

  2. Thank you, to good folks like Dan and Ginny C. for injecting some common sense into our community.

  3. Why should I absorb the taxes and maintenance for a Millionaire friend of one of the Board members ??
    This is a terrible idea ,at a time, when many people are struggling to pay their own taxes and mortgages.
    This Village Board has to consider all the residents and not their own friends.