Thursday, April 4, 2013


The following letter from Dan & Winn Chesnard appeared in the 4/4/13 edition of The Gazette. It also follows here:

To the Editor,

At a recent meeting of the Village Board of Trustees for the budget planning on Wednesday the 27th of March, the Bicycle Committee proposed putting 12 bike racks that will hold two bike each at various places in town.

I think this is a good idea to have some bike racks for people to secure their bikes.  The big question is where to place the bike racks so that they won't be in the way of car doors and pedestrians crossing the street and not blocking the sidewalks?

I suggested that the village phase the bike racks in 4 at a time.  I did not think this was too unreasonable, but was met with some opposition, as then the village can't get a discount for buying the racks in quantity.  The racks are not a big expense so buying in quantity will not amount to a big saving.  But on the other hand buying 12 racks and installing them without testing and input from the residents of the village brings back a memory of doing something for a minority of village residents.  That cost the village 10s of thousands of dollars in lost money.  The Skate Park is the item that cost us a lot of money to put in and take out.  This was for the use of only a few village residents, as the bike racks will be.

So let's go slowly on spending the tax payers money.  The village board seems to spend more money than we take in, which means higher taxes for everyone.  For example, the bike lanes, the boat club, and the Gouveia property resulting in loss of tax income, so let's figure a way for the village to make money instead of just spending it.

Solving the brown drinking water problem should be a first priority.

Dan and Winn Chesnard


  1. I agree with the Chesnards on everything but the "boat club" which provides a valuable service to the village as the record shows. Certainly they will have to pay more rent but since the are floods so often, we can't expect to get that much. I do agree with everything else though and today I laughed a little with one of the merchants as we watched people measuring where to put bike racks in the upper village by walking around with a bike. They can't put them anywhere near the church which has the widest sidewalk because the church has weddings, funerals, etc. so that's out. They can't put them near Robbins because the sidewalk is too narrow and car doors are now hitting things like flower barrells, lampposts, and trash cans. In fact most the street is way too narrow for people with strollers let alone bikes. Not that I think there are a lot of bikers anyway. This is just a sham to convince people that the million dollar bike lane is a good idea. Hey why take a slice of pie and install a few bike racks when you can have a whole pie courtesy of the Croton taxpayer. Too many visions of Amsterdam dancing in their naieve little heads.

  2. The churches will never tolerate this. Parking is already a mess in the upper village. Now we're going to make it worse with bike racks for imaginary bikers so a driver will avoid that spot or park long and wide taking up a space and a half to avoid hitting the rack and everything else that take sup sidewalk space up there. A fool of idea but friends count more than foes or for that matter, the non kool-aid drinkers so...

  3. Thank you Winn and Dan. Though we may not agree on the yacht club, I always find your letters concise and to the point. Unfortunately there aren't enough people, voters, engaged in critical thinking when it comes to matters that can profoundly affect their wallets. In the words of Mark Franzoso, our officials haven't got a clue and I might add, they don't care what anyone thinks. Unless you agree with them

  4. Those people are so irresponsible. Wanna bet the businesses weren't even consulted?

  5. Bike racks? By Vasallo park...maybe. Our mayor likes to bike so I guess everyone has to like it.
    Boat club? We spent how much to find out that the best use for the property is the boat club (because no one else would want a property that get flooded regularly). I wouldn't be suprised if they wind up paying less.