Wednesday, April 24, 2013


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As if we all didn't have enough reasons already to support our local business community, comes this note--and photos too--courtesy of CET teacher Patricia Lynch, whose class recently visited Feed the Birds (862-4700, 326 S. RIVERSIDE AVE.) Click on  the photos below--all rights reserved Patricia Lynch--and don't forget to patronize our local business community:

"The First Graders are studying 'Communities' as part of our Social Studies unit.  Each First Grade class went to a different local business. Baked by Susan, Feed the Birds, Mexigo a.k.a. Mex-to-Go, ShopRite, Bagels-on-Hudson and Groovy on Grand all welcomed the students with open arms!  After interviewing the owners about how they help the community and how they ran their shop, each student got to have a hands-on experience. In Feed the Birds, students explored various birdhouses and types of seed. The feeders with devices to trick squirrels into staying away from the seed kept the First Graders busy. Bob taught them about the different preferences birds have and how his hobby turned into a business. He presented each child with a ruler decorated with birds and books on eagles and owls. Fun was had by all!"

For more info about: BAKED BY SUSAN, visit; FOR GROOVY ON GRAND DESIGN STUDIOS, visit; see a recent article on Shoprite here; Bagels-on-Hudson; Mexigo


  1. What a sweet bunch of photos. Thank you Mrs. Lynch and Rob.

  2. So at home with the children and look how engaged they are. Great store. Great slice of Harmon.

  3. They had a ball. My nephew is still talking about it.

  4. These are the kind of old fashioned outings we had as kids where we would visit various shops to learn more about what they did. My Catholic school in Yonkers would take us to the local butcher, the bakery, restaurants, and gift shops. We always came home with some type of souvenir and were grateful to get away from the confines of the classroom. Not long ago I was visiting an aunt who will never leave the old neighborhood no matter how bad it has become (it would take a stick of dynamite although she never goes out past 4 pm in the afternoon),and I was very sad to see nearly all of those businesses gone.

  5. This is one of the best new shops in Harmon. The owners support local causes without hesitation, are well versed in their products, and they've been spent a considerable sum to make the place look nice especially at Christmas. A true asset to the community in every way.