Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The following letter appeared in a recent edition of THE GAZETTE. It is from Chris Letts and talks about only some of the contributions of the Croton Yacht Club.

I've known Chris for many years; we've waged similar battles with governmental bodies that at best give lip service to the environment, historical preservation, and other important and related issues. His letter is worth reading; please take the time to do so. Maria 

To the Editor:

On September 6 I had the pleasure and satisfaction of presenting a Hudson River Program at the Croton Yacht Club’s annual Hudson River Day (Editor's note: click on the photo). I was there last year, too, and came away impressed both times. The club members work hard for weeks to prepare the site and arrange for programs from many organizations that pertain to the Hudson. Then they work hard for weeks more to put everything away, all for one gala day of welcoming the public to share the waterfront.

The food is good, the spirit bright, and despite savage line squalls late in the afternoon the hundreds who came seemed to have a wonderful time. My special joy came from the pleasure we gave to families, many with young children with wide eyes.

I have been a river teacher for more than four decades and have presented waterfront programs in dozens of towns from Troy to the Battery. What happens here on this special day is unique on the Hudson Estuary: A Community Center cum Waterfront Park with a warm welcome for all. Be proud Croton!

Christopher Letts

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  1. I'm with you Jan. But the village board, Schmidt voted no, just agreed to spend $18K for a consultant to come up with ideas to develop the site. Deal. Done. Faux greenies. That's what they are.

    What are the odds a consultant won't come back with exactly what they want.

    Kind of like in Harmon re-zoning, though thank God, nobody's taking them seriously on that one.

  2. Thanks Chris, but the moment they voted for the 18K study to BFJ, they stopped even pretending to listen.

  3. Thank you Chris, but it's fallen on deaf ears. The faux greenies want to eat by the river and that's the spot they've already chosen but I do appreciate it. Lyn Franken-Talmadge

  4. I heard a number of other environmentalists/organizations will be writing. True?