Friday, May 15, 2020


As many of you know, local residents have been traveling out of state to attend religious services or they have switched to other churches entirely, never to return to their previous church.   For these residents, virtual services are either a) not possible for assorted reasons and b) simply not the same without in-person sacraments, hymns and fellowship.  As many have stated--perhaps it is time for the churches to be less of a "willing partner" per the article below. Here's the latest:

NIAGARA GAZETTE--Clergy says guidance needed for putting derailed services back on track

ALBANY — The Catholic Conference of New York State says it has yet to receive a clear signal from the Cuomo administration on when churches across the state can resume religious services.

The conference, representing all of the state's Catholic bishops, has been seeking clarity on religious services well before it was decided by state officials that five upstate regions may begin allowing some industries to reopen Friday following a nearly two-month shutdown of activities the state has deemed "nonessential."

"We have been making overtures to the Second Floor (where Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his executive staff have offices at the statehouse), but we have not been getting much response," said Dennis Poust, the communications director for the conference. "I think what they would find if they responded to our questions is a willing partner. We are committed to doing this right."  READ MORE AT


  1. To "Self-Inflicted Wound", agreed, but if you truly want your questions answered, you should go directly to the paper as well as the NYS Catholic Conference--and your own parish council. There is no point in posting your questions here.

  2. UPDATED elow you will find a link to....Faith Forward--Returning to Public Worship--Executive Summary....FROM THE ARCHDIOCESE OF NEW YORK, THE NEW MASS RULES

    For those with medical issues and/or unable to tolerate masks, masks will be required and you must address this with your parish...25% capacity is all the government is allowing and the Archdiocese has agreed. In addition, the archdiocese appears to be unaware of the new CDC information on disinfection and your editor is not going to address what if any impact the CDC's "about-face" will have on these "new protocols".

    In any case, this post is closed to all comments. Questions and comments must be directed to your respective church.

    Faith Forward
    Returning to Public Worship

    Executive Summary

    The Archdiocese of New York is a large, diverse community of 2.81 million Catholics. We serve the city in Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx, plus Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Westchester, Ulster, Rockland and Putnam counties. Since our founding in 1808, our mission has been to live and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, aware of the local area and the world, the spiritual and the material, the present and the future. We do this through ministry, service, prayer, education, and community, working with pastors, deacons, religious men and women, catechists, teachers, parish staff and volunteers at our nearly 300 parishes.The lifeblood of the archdiocese’s mission stems from the Mass and the the rest at