Tuesday, October 10, 2017


AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE: We can understand why local railroad memorabilia fan Tony sent us this 1920's scan from his collection for the Burlington Watch. It has all the bells and whistles--a fighting ship, classic locomotive and really interesting ad content: "Every fighting vessel in the U.S. Navy has the Burlington Watch aboard. This includes every torpedo boat--every submarine as well as the big Dreadnaughts." As a friend would say, Yowza! 

It's followed by a 1950 ad for a novelty item--THE MIKE LIGHTER...amusing....and finally an oldie but goodie--a small putz castle by littleglitterhouses.com - click on the photos and enjoy.
--Toys & Stuff has some great candy containers on the site--here's another West Brothers candy container (house) from 1914 by West Brothers Candy http://bit.ly/2ybbfhI

--Now here’s one you don’t see everyday—a vintage bottle brush wreath with vintage fruit! http://bit.ly/2yUli86 

--Vintage Santa in a Winter scene made by Harrett-Gilmer in California USA. About 8" square with light. A very rare find indeed, see it here http://bit.ly/2xuVI8t 

--Santa Express from Sears—with the box! Awesome condition, awesome graphics on box http://bit.ly/2g7yToU and http://bit.ly/2yBopWr 

--Another request for a re-print: Mimi's 2012 putz houses; click on the link, scroll down the page http://bit.ly/2zass93

--And in case you missed it: Woody Guthrie, The Croton Connection https://everythingcroton.blogspot.com/2017/10/remembering-woody-guthrie-croton.html

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