Tuesday, September 19, 2017


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I want to take this opportunity to thank the Croton Yacht Club membership, and all others, who participated in the preparation and execution of the most successful Hudson River Day to date. I would also like to thank the community for supporting this important event.

In spite of the Elliott Way construction and competing events such as the Town of Cortlandt “Family Fun Day”, we realized the best attendance since its inception nine years ago. The model of providing a full educational and interactive experience centering around the history and ecology of the river coupled with our partnership with the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association (HRFA) has evolved into the most unique and successful event of its kind, on the river.

Thanks to the HRFA, the youth fishing contest was again a home run. 55 children registered and participated in the event throughout the day, with 22 fish caught and entered. Some species caught and released included white catfish, channel catfish, white perch, striped bass and blue fish, and also a blue claw crab. First place was awarded to Gabriel Camillieri with a 21 ¾” catfish, second place was an 18- inch catfish caught by Andrew Callaghan and in third place was a 15 ½” catfish caught by Luca Camillieri. More than 30 fishing rod and reel combinations were awarded throughout the day to participants, which were donated by both the HRFA and the Croton Yacht Club. The happiness and excitement of those receiving awards were dwarfed by those children who caught the first fish of their lifetime.

The food was outstanding, and the chowder pot was drained to the last drop. All exhibits and exhibitors were engaging, especially the crafts for the children. Chris Letts captivated the audience at the “touching table” where the children could see, touch and smell some of the river’s fish species. Our viewing tanks provided a unique look into the underwater world of the river. Presentations by Scott Craven and Bob and Mary Ann Booth were engaging and informative. Thank you to Croton Police Department Officers who exhibited the Village Police Boat and to members of “Ferry Sloops” for providing a free sailing experience on a picture-perfect day. Finally, for the first time in seven years, the “River Dog” competition, initiated and organized by Brigid Faranda, was a tie. The two winning dogs were Aslan a male white Siberian Husky and Sadie Burns a Golden Retriever.

As Croton Yacht Club members, we take pride in providing this experience to the community. As parents and grandparents, we take comfort in knowing our children and grandchildren are being afforded an opportunity to make a life changing connection to the river we all love. 

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