Thursday, February 23, 2017


You've seen this Radko reproduction bubble light candolier before--and here's the repro box it came in--but we had a special request--the graphics are outstanding--click on the photo; it's from their Shiny Brite line--we do wish Radko was still making these--and their Sparkletown putz house reproductions too. 

You can find old Radko putz house stock at and a similar candolier at Vermont Country Store

It's followed by a vintage advertisement for Lincoln Logs, courtesy of Jim Griffin; click on the photo to learn more.

And more vintage Christmas lighting--an original Royal candolier

And if you love bubble lights, check out the outstanding collection of Mark P: some repro Radko items, some vintage, quite a few vintage items lovingly restored too

Fabulous mini gnome beads--perfect putz house size

Great Golden Glow of Christmas Convention video; lighting museum

And speaking of repros, putz house artisan Brian Bloodgood has put up a gallery of his made in Japan-inspired reproduction cardboard putz house 

Can't get enough putz houses from Howard, vintage Christmas ads and more?  Then check out this oldie but goodie

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