Thursday, November 5, 2015


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THE NEW GAZETTE IS OUT; it features a very lengthy article on the village's election. Here are some highlights; however, please make the time to read it in its entirety. The Gazette is on sale just about everywhere.


--"In just it's second year of existence, the Croton United candidates swept the competition"...who were seeking to keep the board all-Democrat.

--Wiegman received 939 votes (44%); Schmdt 1,200 votes 56% - of the 2,139 votes that were cast.

--"Croton United trustee candidate Kenneth Walsh was the top vote-getter among the 4,283 votes that had been cast to fill the two trustee seats, with 28%. Running mate Robert Anderson closely followed with 27%. Ms. Slippen, appointed to fill the board in 2014 and elected to a one year term to fill a vacancy came in an unsuccessful third with 23% in her bid for her first full two-year term. Mr. Levitt was close behind, with 22% in his run for a second two-year term".

--Croton United's poll watchers were confident of a clean sweep when they showed up at Memphis Mae's with tentative tallies clearly indicating the gathering would be a victory party.

--At one point, the Croton Democrats believed they had kept one seat and therefore the majority according to their own poll-watchers' tallies. The BOE confirmed later that they were incorrect.

--Mr. Pugh and Ms. Gallelli "will be in the minority once the new majority is sworn in on December 7".

YOU MAY ALSO HAVE AN INTEREST IN THE LOHUD ARTICLE:  Schmidt said - "We weren't Republicans, we weren't Democrats. We were people with an idea."


  1. Who did they think won their seat back?

  2. You should really read the article. Anyway let's hope some of this can be fixed. Does anyone have the agenda for the work session yet? This board still has a work session and one more board meeting before they're gone.

    1. Monday's (11/9) work session has been cancelled.

  3. This is all I am going to say on this subject. I've been a lifelong Roosevelt type Democrat from way back. That's the way it was in our house for generations. I may be out of touch with all this social media stuff, you will never find me texting anything with my arthritis and I only look at facebook or twitter now and then but I saw some really BAD stuff that had nothing to do with the election in this cycle. Some of the letters in the paper supporting the now-old-board were ridiculous too with all their conspiracy theories. The real truth is that this kind of stuff turns voters off especially when it is in reaction to things like defending Leo's taking the health insurance and their refusal to answer any questions on Gouveia or really anything at all, making people submit freedom of information requests and making them wait way too long to get it, then blacking out public information. Or calling mothers "uselessmothers" hashtag was pretty annoying too. The Democrats did themselves in, have been here too long, this year's election results showed people were sick ot it. Newsflash: you're here to pick up the leaves, watch the taxes, answer questions when you can, and take care of Croton. This aint Washington, Croton United understood that. We are more than our political affiliations which have no place in village government. Look at the numbers and see that the vast majority of Croton people got that. Good luck guys. Hope you can fix some of this stuff.
    p.s. Never piss off faith people or moms too.

  4. I'm looking forward to all the $ bleeding stopping. This ain't Armonk either. In the words of Westchester Magazine, Croton is a good place for starter homes. Starter homes means starting here and going someplace else eventually. For those of us who see our homes as permanent not starter homes, we're not going to be able to stay here if it goes on like this.