Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Courtesy of the Croton United FB page and of course, a freedom of information request: DID YOU KNOW?

Last Thursday, June 4th, the Village officially took possession of 1300 Albany Post Road, now to be known as "Gouveia Park".  There's a sign at the entrance stating the park is 'being prepared for public use', and thus, currently closed to the public.

CU is disappointed that no public announcement was made, and that it took a resident's FOIL request to get this information.

We also have a question for the Board of Trustees. Is Gouveia Park closed to ALL of the public at this time?


  1. In an age of cell phone photos, even I can help. What a shame it's come to this. Open government? I think not.

  2. I really don't know what to say anymore except I'm sure we could have spared the D.P.W workers.


    Anyone been down to Black Rock lately? Shame shame shame on these people.

  3. Did I miss it? There's nothing on the village website still. I'm on their list and have gotten no email. Anybody else?

  4. I honestly don't know what those of us who do pay attention would do without people who submit freedom of information requests from our so called open Croton government. There's enough out there to see that without the foilers we'd know only what they want us to know, when they want us to know it. Shame on our officials who have gone along and said nothing about Leo's health insurance, his timesheets or all this solar stuff. I'm also very disappointed in Puglisi, who never misses a photo op with these people. I sure as hell know she can read what's going on. As for the Gazette, it used to be such a great paper and we learned alot from it. Now we only learn what's going on from letters to the editor and the foilers, although I suppose the paper should get credit for at least printing them.

    We're life long residents here and lifelong members of the Democratic Party but we haven't voted democratic here since the days of our garbage loving boards and we're too tired of it all to stay any more.

    This site helps me to stay informed but it also reminds me of how it used to be here. We're a far cry from the days of officials who served without looking for pensions and taxpayer funded health insurance, who actually knew all the shopkeepers, and really did shop local. When we leave and we hope the buyer for our house has all his ducks in a row, I will miss my family home town but all the other crap, not at all.