Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Welcome to Everything Croton, a collection of all things Croton -- our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools -- in short, EVERYTHING CROTON. 

COURTESY OF THE OUTSTANDING ARCHIVES MAINTAINED BY THE VOLUNTEERS OF THE CROTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY--and since school's about to end for the summer--and the Croton Harmon High School Mega-Reunion is around the corner  (for more info, go to http://bit.ly/1eFDN6c)....

The Everything Croton Elves have assembled a random collection of....CROTON SCHOOL DAYS 1950-1968. Click on the images below.

P.S. Don Daubney's in here too.

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  1. Many thanks to the historical society for keeping all this intact, to everything croton for taking the time to let us see it online, and to the elves who help. This was really nice.