Saturday, June 6, 2015


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One of the nicest things about the annual June Festival at St. Augustine's is the opportunity for non-members to visit inside this historic church, which is only open on Sundays for services or for special events. 

The church has been undergoing quite a restoration these last few years. For example in 2014, the bell tower and steeple underwent a massive repair; see

You can see a photo of the completed work below; the tower's bright burgundy paint changes with every season.

The interior of the church was also in need of restoration: plaster, re-painting, improved lighting and more. That work is nearly complete according to a congregant--and the large front facade stained window--as well as the other "narrow" stained glass windows--are shown off to their best advantage at present. Click on the photos below.

So stop in today--or tomorrow--which is the last day of their festival--and of course the start of the village-wide SUMMERFEST 2015--and take a look at Croton's historic St. Augustine's Episcopal Church.

For more about "St. A's", visit their website at

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  1. There were squirrels living in the steeple! It's a common problem though for Holy Name, they have to contend with all the turkey vultures who like to warm their wings at the tower before taking off. It's very impressive.