Friday, June 26, 2015


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As many of you know, The Croton Historical Society recently hosted a Croton postcard exhibit. Also included in that exhibit were photos and rare memorabilia of Lenore Ulric, a successful Broadway and film star who lived in the village from 1927 until 1951. (Her name is sometimes seen spelled with an "H" at the end, but she opted for the shortened version around 1918 or so).

Miss Ulric, discovered by Broadway playwright and producer David Belasco, starred in such popular vehicles as "Tiger Rose", "Kiki", "The Harem" and "LuLu Belle" and was particularly noted for her portrayals of the "fem fatale" hot-tempered fiery woman.  

We thought you'd enjoy seeing some additional Ulric material we've discovered in our vintage magazine collection, particularly from editions of the long ago-defunct Motion Picture Magazine in the 1920's and earlier. This article is from 1917. Click on the images and enjoy. There will be more at some point down the road.

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  1. Very enjoyable history stuff. I really had no idea s many famous movie stars lived here.

  2. Wonderful photos! My grandmother was Lenore Ulric’s cousin and was named after her.