Thursday, January 22, 2015


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Croton United Member Joel Gingold Responds to "Private Citizen" John McBride 

To the Editor,

I assume that I am the target of private citizen John McBride’s bombastic diatribe published in last week’s Gazette.  It’s OK to use my name, John, since I’m proud of all of the statements I make.

But “morally depraved?” “Ethically disgusting?” Wow!  I really must have hit a sensitive nerve to elicit such expletives. But then, it’s been my experience that certain lawyers tend to launch such hyperbole when they know that the accusations made against their clients are true.  But I digress.

The purpose of my address to the junior members of the board was an attempt to inject some backbone into what has become a compliant majority.  I believe that there is still hope that they can become independent leaders and act in the best interests of all the citizens of the village rather than simply follow meekly along behind their senior colleagues.

The focus of my remarks was the Honor Code at West Point which states, “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do” and how those tenets apply to village government.  At no point did I state, or even imply, that the mayor or Ms. Gallelli was guilty of criminal conduct.  Do I believe that their conduct was unethical? Absolutely.  Immoral? You bet.  Against the best interests of the citizens of the village?  No question.  But, criminal in the legal sense?  No.

However, if, as an attorney, Mr. McBride believes their actions meet the criminal standard, I will defer to his judgment, as he is better qualified than I to make such a determination.

Mr. McBride decries the absence of “facts” in my remarks. READ THE REST HERE


  1. Could you re-post the links to the actual documents? A former official is claiming this is all opinion not fact.

  2. Yes, I'm aware of that. The text of the official decision against the Croton DemocratIC Committee, where they lied during the election, is here

    Paste the link into your browser.

    The documents obtained pursuant to freedom of information outlining Gallelli and Wiegman's Gouveia/Something Good activities as Mr. Gingold indicates in his letter, are here

    Paste the link into your browser.

    These are the documents; these are the facts.