Wednesday, January 7, 2015


There was some excitement at Holy Name of Mary's life-sized outdoor nativity this morning. Read on...

A note from Holy Name....

Baby Jesus went missing from the Nativity scene in front of the Church on this snowy morning.

The police were called and a police report was submitted.  This had happened before, back in 2012.  We never got the baby Jesus back then, and had to purchase a replacement.

But this time was different... the baby hadn't actually been stolen.

It was 'relocated'.

Someone thought the Baby might need a break from hanging with the sheep, and would be happier in the arms of his 'godfather', a wise man who had come to leave Him a gift. (see photo).

The police were very understanding.

Blessings on the Epiphany and on Sunday: the baptism of the lord.


  1. I noticed Jesus was "gone" on my way to the city and got pretty p.o'd. So nice to hear that it wasn't stolen again.

  2. so nice this had a happy ending. i have never understood why people steal the baby jesus. it's really not very funny.