Monday, November 10, 2014


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From the Everything Croton Mail Bag: Received the sad news today that Barbara Notarius, of the Alexander Hamilton Bed & Breakfast here in Croton--and these last few years the owner of the Alexander Hamilton House Cape Cod, passed away on October 15th.

Barbara was one of the first people your editor met in Croton, and our mutual love of anything antique or vintage, was common ground for many pleasant conversations. You can read her obituary here: 

CAPENEWS.NET: Barbara Notarius of Mashpee, who owned and operated the Alexander Hamilton House Cape Cod and was a longtime president of the Friends of the Mashpee Public Library, died October 15 after a battle with cancer. She was 68. “Although her years in Mashpee were limited, her accomplishments were tremendous,” Mashpee Public Library director Kathleen Mahoney wrote of Ms. Notarius in a column submitted to The Mashpee Enterprise. “She was the right person at the right time, and her contributions will benefit our residents and patrons for years to come.” Upon moving to Mashpee from her native New York in 2006, she built a home and opened the Alexander Hamilton House Cape Cod, a bed and breakfast on Horseshoe Bend Way in Mashpee. READ THE REST HERE


  1. Barbara was widely known and considered an authority in the B&B world. She also ran a national B&B reservation service, and in the early 90's, authored a book called "Open Your Own Bed & Breakfast"
    I believe her daughter is running the Croton location these days, and still is highly regarded. We are fortunate to have such a place here.

  2. Barbara was one of the most generous people I ever met. She did it all very quietly and without trumpets. A big believer in mitzvahs, she never allowed the village's shoddy treatment of her get in the way of helping others (she eventually won all the cases the village brought against her). One of my neighbors fell into hard times after her husband died. Barbara prepaid her Con Edison bill for four months until she got on her feet. There's probably much more we don't know about.

  3. When I lost my job, Barbara helped me find another one right away.

  4. Did't real know her but she sounds like a Earth angel..God bless her and may she Rip