Friday, March 21, 2014


A friend who collects all things Beatrix Potter--and Mary Poppins too--was delighted with our framed original print of this 1964 ad for a Mary Poppins Cookbook--and we found the cookbook on EBAY back in December for five dollars! Proof positive that you don't have to spend a lot of money at Christmas to make someone very happy. Click on the photo.

Speaking of Beatrix Potter: An oldie but goodie from Paul Race - THE TAILOR OF GLOUCESTER--MICE LOVERS REJOICE!

GIANT COCONUT REPRO MADE IN JAPAN PUTZ PROJECT BY BRIAN - click on the link and follow its progress down the page here

When you have as many trend setting nail salons as Croton has (yes people come from all over--we have the best salons), you get to spot interesting trends in fingernail decorating; one of these involves the use of solvent resistant glitters. I was really intrigued by all this new stuff and wondered if it had applications elsewhere, i.e. crafting.  You be the judge--check out this etsy shop

The latest finds from Silvercrow Creations; their ETSY shop is much more fun to navigate than the website

One of our favorites: Local Croton paper artist Le Papier, has just sent us a link for making paper snowflakes, in a very different fashion than how we were taught as children. The possibilities for elevating this into a true art form will soon become apparent. Click the link for the how to:

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