Thursday, March 6, 2014


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The new Gazette--on sale just about everywhere--has a very lengthy and detailed article on the Croton Yacht Club. Here are a few of the highlights but PLEASE read it in its entirety.

Week of 3/6 thru 3/12/14 - CROTON YACHT CLUB GETS 30 YEAR LEASE

--Trustees approved a new lease; Trustee Levitt voted no.
--The duration of the agreement is as follows: 20 years with a 10 year renewal option.
--Residents Marshall Goldberg and Kevin McGlone spoke in opposition.
--Lease goes into effect 6/1/14.
--The Yacht Club will continue to pay property taxes to the Croton Library, the C-H school district, the Town of Cortlandt, and Westchester county: $16,000 annually.
--Rent will be $20K annually for years 1-5; $25K annually during the sixth through tenth year; $30K annually for the 11th through 20th year. If the 10 year renewal option is exercised, the rent would go up 1% annually.

There's much more to the article; again The Gazette is on sale just about everywhere.