Sunday, December 1, 2013


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Some time back we featured an article on the famous "round house" that once belonged to Jackie Gleason. You can read more about that--and see some photos too--courtesy of the outstanding archives maintained by THE CROTON HISTORICAL SOCIETY--right here

Well we're delighted to bring you a followup story--again courtesy of the Historical Society--that we discovered by accident in the newspaper archives--from 1958. Click on the photo. Enjoy!


  1. I never saw the house. I heard everything in it was round. Paige Lillja's stepdad was the architect. I think his name was Robert Cika and I think he had owned a large hunk of the property that is now the golf course.

  2. My wife and I almost bought a smaller version of that round house back in 1981 As best I recall it was just off 129 and close to the river. We decided not to buy because the carpets and floors reeked of cat piss

  3. Used to ride our bicycles to find the house and then go half way up the driveway and then got scared and went back down. Did see the round tool shed and the house as well. What a great experience.