Friday, December 13, 2013


Here's one of those tag sale finds from a few years ago--a vintage Christmas lamp--that you wouldn't have looked at twice--until it was lit. 

It is unmarked and according to the previous owner, from the 70's. Made of a strange kind of plastic--the base is hard but the plastic has a "styrene-ish" feel, the shade is a lighter weight with six panels, three of which have hand painted and deeply incised Santa Claus motifs on the inside. It comes alive when lit. If anyone has seen this before and can give us a clue as to the maker or country of origin, it would be appreciated. Click on the photos.

Collector Tom H has posted a great article and photos too of fab vintage putz houses--with rare windows!

Casting/molding a putz figure

Vintage old store stock made in Germany Christmas cutouts

Vintage Jetsons toy!

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  1. The lamp has three different St. Nick paintings. I'm going to guess German or Austrian based on the style of the St. Nick. Our Santas gave up robes and 3'-tall Christmas trees long before this kind of plastic was available. Late 40s to early 1960s? But it IS a guess. Pretty cool