Thursday, September 20, 2012


UPDATED 1/17/13

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The new Gazette Week of September 20-26, 2012 has a front page article on the 9/18 Croton Point Avenue/Bike Lane project info meeting.

Please note:
--Contrary to the Gazette article, there were more than a "half-dozen speakers": 11 people spoke. You are encouraged to watch the videotape at the village website to verify.
--The article says "continued on page 6"; it is not on page 6 but page 4

Here are some highlights:


"A $300,000 increase in the cost estimate--to $2.8 million--certainly didn't make a proposed upgrade along Croton Point Avenue and connecting roads any more appealing among the project's detractors..."

"Croton Pt. Avenue commercial property owners Mark Franzoso and John Perillo reiterated their opposition to the ban on parking along the entire length of Croton Point Avenue, which was implemented early this year in anticipation of the project getting the green light from the trustees. Claiming it is deleterious to the value of their properties, they urged a redesign that would exclude a bicycle lane along the north side of Croton Point Avenue."

"The village's share is now projected at $1.1 million (this appears to be incorrect, we believe it is higher and will check)...With the federal share of the project remaining at $1.2 million reflecting the time 4 years ago when a consulting firm INCORRECTLY estimated the project cost of $1.5 million--the village's share is now projected at $1.1 million, not including a county grant of almost $500,000 in reserve."

"The public will have until October 5 to offer written comments to the Board of Trustees, after which the board is expected to decide whether to proceed...if it decides to table the plan, the village is reportedly on the hook for some $150,000 in design and engineering costs."

"A few speakers were critical of the board conducting the informational meeting Tuesday night. They said it should have been cancelled, or a second session should be scheduled, due to the afternoon and evening's major rain and wind storm in the area which included a tornado watch posted by the National Weather Service. Some road closures including both lanes of Route 129 were closed to traffic through the early evening due to downed tree limbs and utility wires". 

You are encouraged to read the article in its entirety. You may also have an interest in  AND


  1. Instead of a bike lane to serve a very few how about some new water lines to serve many. With the taxes we pay the very least we should expect is decent water. Apparently this board thinks everyone in Croton has pockets lined with gold because they spend like "drunken sailors!"

  2. This is just as popular as the Gouvea gift that keeps on taking but that won't stop them.

  3. There is a great letter from someone called Susan Yates in the paper that REALLY rips this project to pieces.

  4. Incredibly depressing that this is even a priority for them. We should have never applied for this grant at any price.

  5. Some neighbors and I were talking about this today. They're so ready to move but the thought of leaving the house they love and the friends they've made is really hard for them. They just can't keep up with the ridiculous spending of these people as they desperately try to remake the village into God knows what.