Thursday, September 13, 2012


At a recent vintage Christmas swap here in the village, we found ourselves discussing color trends. If the 80's were all about Miami Vice Pastels, then the sixties were certainly about...that dreaded phrase...Avocado Green! Followed of course by "Burnt Orange". So when we came across this very large, but very battered General Electric ad in a December 1965 issue of Life, we just HAD to salvage as much as we on the photos below...and have yourself an Avocado Green Christmas...


  1. lololololol times ten

  2. I'll never forget the time when my mother had to be hospitalized for gall stones. (Yes, they actually kept you in for a week back then.) My father decided to surprise her and painted the laundry room avocado green, put up an avocado green cabinet for supplies and tiled the floor in TWO shades of, you guess it, avocado green asbestos tile. Then the G.E. avocado green washer and dryer arrived. He even bought avocado green curtains for the window with GIANT "mod" flowers that were also in shades of avocado green. He was so proud of that room and tied a big red bow on the door.

    When my mother got home, we all yelled surprise and the expression on my mom's face was one I will always remember. There were hugs and kisses, dinner at the diner. That was the only "big money extravagance" for the year.

    Years later my mother confessed that she HATED AVOCADO GREEN but would never ever tell my father.

    Just for the record. That GE washer and dryer lasted well into the mid-1980's with only one repair call. In the last 12 years or so, I have had to replace my washing machine twice.

  3. My dad brought home an orange kidney bean shaped coffee table he got on sale. My mom hated that too but never said a word. She told me there had to be something in the house that he picked out and that was it. I have it now and love it.

  4. Which issue was this from? I checked the Life archives on Google for all of December '65 and couldn't find this ad.

    1. Hi Chris. We got all these moldy magazines at a tag sale; in terrible shape; all we could make out on the cover was December something 1965. The tops of the pages in the magazine were all stuck together so we couldn't ascertain the date from them either.

  5. I have the dishwasher and frig set. Still works.