Monday, August 29, 2011


Welcome to EverythingCroton, a collection of all things Croton--our history, our homes, our issues, our businesses, our schools--in short, EVERYTHING CROTON. 

INTRODUCING CROTON MEMORIES, a new series that will focus on Croton from the 1940's through the 1970's—more or less. Here’s the sixth installment, again with thanks to The Croton Historical Society.

THE HARMON SWEET SHOPPE--click on the photo - The Harmon Sweet Shoppe graced this location on South Riverside Ave. From the late 1930’s to the very early 1960’s, the Harmon Sweet Shoppe was THE place to go for a home-cooked meal, home-made candy, and home-made pies. The building was built by George Marshall; the business was operated for most of its existence by Rose and Bob Hennessey. It was also THE place for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner: 

Mrs. Hennessey’s pies were legendary, and one resident remembers that her Christmas ribbon candy and Chocolate Pecan Divinity, a nougat-like confection, disappeared almost as soon as it hit the display case. Her angel cookies were also hung on Christmas trees.  Her red foil wrapped Chocolate Cherry Hearts were a Valentine's Day staple.

Later this site would become home to the “What-Not Shop”, Russ Ryder’s Insurance, The Wicker Shop, and Koch Accounting.

P.S. THE SITE OF THE NOW KWIK-MARK/DAIRY MART was also a Hennessey shop known as "Goodies".

Stay tuned for more Croton Memories. To see past editions of this series, click:


  1. She also made star decorated star cookies with a hole for a ribbon to hang on the tree. They didn't last long as decorations!

  2. We can't express our thanks enough for this series. Our Croton Historical Society really rocks, Maria's photos are fabulous, the writers at Everything Croton and that includes Maria too,rock, and have have really made this one of the most informative sites available on our village. We love the Sasso articles, we love getting heads up on Robert Scott's work, and what's happening on our stores and churches. Who is baking what, who has changed their menu, all these little things that no one else covers, without ads about everything and everywhere else. We also enjoy the Sweet Paprika and Faranda blogs, and while it ain't Croton, this toyconnect blog is a lot of fun.

  3. Yes, a great site.