Tuesday, August 16, 2011


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Once again, many thanks to the hard-working volunteers at The Croton Historical Society (http://tiny.cc/wgw1n) for this enlightening stroll down memory lane. 


Excerpts from an unidentified newspaper clipping at The Croton Historical Society archives dated 8/10/68

"Twenty years ago this month Westchester's first drive in theater was opened in Croton. The Starlight Drive-In provided a brand new kind of movie going: come as you are; children under 12 free; bring your dog, relax, smoke a cigar--all without disturbing your neighbor.

To many neighboring young families with the problems and expenses of a baby sitter, the opening of the drive-in was the first time they were able to go out together since they started a family. The past 20 years has seen the Starlight double in size, a new snack bar changed to accommodate the new methods of self service of both hold and cold foods. The screen, with the advent of cinemascope, was enlarged to twice its original size to provide for the new type of projections and better sound. During the past 20 years the Starlight served the community--cooperating on benefits, publicizing fund drives, and being a place to sell poppies. The marque was always available during the winter months to organizations, and the annual Christmas tree sale by the Lions Club has been held at the theater."

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  1. Thank you so much. This was really delightful! But at the same time kind of sad.

  2. The Croton Starlight was a great family boon. We used to park our family station wagon so the tailgate faced the screen and was open. That allowed the kids to sit on the roof, tailgate or lie in the back as they watched the film. Many fell asleep watching the film and had to be carried to bed when we returned home. Parents also brought collapsible chairs and sat on the outside.

    Mosquitos were a problem but we covered ourselves with insect repellent or lit some form of insect repellent.

    Younger singles on dates parked their cars facing the screen. Based on the steamy windows, they rarely saw the entire film.

    There was always an intermission when everyone went to the snack bar for treats. Prices were reasonable then and if you couldn't afford the prices, you brought a chest with drinks and treats.

    I miss those days!

  3. Thank you for your comments Bobby. This new series at Everything Croton---Croton Memories--will concentrate on the 1940's through the 1970's. Wait till you see what we've got coming up next!

    1. tomneff39@comcast.netNovember 19, 2013 at 1:14 PM

      Clicking on your August 17, 2011 post, but: Your mention of "new series" concentrating on 1940s through '70s leaves me wondering if anyone there remembers the Thomas Auto repair shop circa 1930-1947 on Rt. 9 near Tick-Tock diner? Proprietor John G. Thomas, Sr. was my maternal grandfather and namesake - Thomas John Neff (Yes, Croton's Neffs are relations)

    2. The next time I am in the historical society, I will check to see if they have anything in their files for Thomas Auto.

  4. I had to stop in and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful article on the Starlight. I met my late husband there and many was the time, with money so very tight trying to raise a family, that this was our big treat. We often had to wait a while to get first run movies but we loved the old cartoons and the films of our parents from the 30's and 40's. Your everythingcroton is a breath of fresh air in a world of online pretend to be about Croton websites, and I am just so happy to find a site that will print what others will not from articles like this to different political views. Many thanks to our Croton Historical Society for archiving all that's still great now and then about our village and helping to make articles like the Starlight article possible.
    Margie L.

    1. Yes.
      Miss Croton alot but we just couldn't afford to stay. These series are very sweet.

      Carolyn L.

  5. Oh Maria and company, you guys are wonderful. Thank you for a wonderful journey back in time.