Friday, May 11, 2018


A reader asks: When do the American flags go up in the village?

Your editor's response: The American flags are usually mounted throughout the village in time to honor our veterans for Memorial Day and also for the Summerfest event. However,  you should ask village staff directly


A reader asks: I'm a new resident. Why does the village require a photo i.d. for my child to use some of the parks?

Your editor's response: Photo identification is a fact of life just about everywhere.

THIS IS THE CROTON RECREATION AND PARKS PHOTO IDENTIFICATION POLICY--Beginning May 1st, all persons 4 years of age or older MUST PRESENT a photo ID issued by the Recreation Department to use Silver Lake, Senasqua Park, and Hudson National Golf Course. FOR MORE POLICY AND PHOTO ID DATES, SEE PAGE 5 OF THE SPRING SUMMER BROCHURE AT THIS LINK

 You should address your question and any further comments to village staff.


  1. The American flags have been replaced with sunflowers and posie flags. They're pretty but suitable to a backyard and are a slap in the face of our veterans. So be it.

    1. I have just heard about this from a local veteran who is very upset. I encourage residents who have an issue with this to contact their officials directly at

    2. The flags with the flowers don't make any sense. It looks like they didn't have enough of them and they are spaced all crazy over the place. We had all those brand new American flags from last year for every pole. Why are they doing this?

    3. One can only speculate the village staff/officials directly and ask

  2. I like the flags but they are more for residential and shouldn't have gone up now in the very least with the patriotic holidays coming up. It kind of looks like the village is ashamed of being the U.S.A. I would like to believe it is just being clumsy.

  3. American Flags started to go up yesterday.