Thursday, April 19, 2018


Courtesy of the Croton United FB page:

Click on the link below to read a letter from Joel Gingold, published in this week’s issue of the Gazette. 

An excerpt: "It is sad to contemplate that, during a hot, muggy day this August, some of our senior citizens may be forced to forgo the opportunity to cool themselves in the waters of the Croton River, or to just sit in the sun and reminisce with old friends about the good old days when our village board actually cared about all of the residents of Croton, not just themselves and their friends." READ MORE AT


  1. Well there goes any savings from Community Choice Aggregation, lol, just joking, we blocked our account. Seriously though, between this, charging a "fee" for using plastic and all the other increases, and no new money coming in for a lot of seniors, it's just not fair.

  2. I don't object to raising the teenagers to #15 per hour minimum, but is it really necessary to do this on the backs of seniors on fixed incomes?

    How much revenue is going to be raised? How many free passes were given out to seniors during the past few years?

  3. So does this mean everyone in the village starts paying their teens fifteen dollars an hour cuse you would be surprised who doesn't????????????

  4. In Westchester right now it is $11 and goes up on Jan 1 every year till it gets to $15. Higher in NYC.

    Not a concern if they are your children but if you hire somebody else's children you have to pay minimum.

    Village had been relying on exemption as a State subdivision, and paying below the NYS minimum.