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For immediate release - Croton Yacht Club Receives Award from Hudson River Fisherman’s Association

The Croton Yacht Club was honored on April 15 at the Hudson River Fishermen’s Association’s annual dinner and awarded “Friend of the HRFA” by President Dan Harrison and Director Scott Havner. HRFA member, past Croton Yacht Club Commodore and Director Dennis Kooney accepted the award on behalf of the CYC membership.

The HRFA was established in 1966 by then Croton resident Bob Boyle who met with other advocates at the Crotonville American Legion and launched the Hudson River Fishermen's Association. The group's mission: To track down the river's polluters, and using federal law, make them pay for the cleanup. Those statutes also offered rewards to those who turn in polluters. The fishermen's association collected bounties and used the revenue to form Riverkeeper and pay for the work of the organization.

The organization was involved in stopping the Storm King power plant, a foundational case in federal environmental law and was involved in the legal action in the case of PCB pollution in the Hudson River.

Their mission continues to “encourage the responsible use of aquatic resources and protection of habitat. We assist where possible in efforts to abate pollution and promote sportfishing and the management of that recreation.” 

The yacht club was recognized for it’s extensive community outreach efforts to educate the public on the history and ecology of the Hudson. The Yacht Club shares a similar mission which includes “to promote respect of the Hudson River through education and policies that reflect our commitment to sound environmental practices.” 

Some of the many outreach programs mentioned at the award presentation included, annual educational seminars, Croton-Harmon High School scholarship awards and its Hudson River Day event.

The HRFA has supported the Hudson River Day event in recent years by conducting a free fishing clinic and contest for children and young adults. Traveling from as far away as New Jersey and upstate New York, HRFA members provide fishing equipment, bait and prizes augmented by Croton Yacht Club donations to attendees. Their passion and expertise exhibited in coordinating and managing this event is remarkable and the highlight of the day.

“To be recognized by the organization that started the environmental movement on the Hudson and whose efforts spawned organizations like Riverkeeper, Clearwater and Scenic Hudson is truly an honor and testament to the hard work and dedication of the Croton Yacht Club membership,” Kooney said.

Both organizations continue their outreach programs with the following local events scheduled in 2018:

- The Croton Yacht Club College Scholarship fundraiser dinner is scheduled for Saturday, May 5 at the Croton Yacht Club, starting at 7 p.m. visit for details.

- The HRFA “Catfish Chaos” fishing derby, scheduled for Saturday, August 18. Visit for details.

- The Croton Yacht Club’s annual “Hudson River Day” is scheduled for Saturday, September 8 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at the Yacht Club. Visit for details.

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